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Welcome to the UCSB Nanofab Wiki
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Make sure you know the Lab Rules
How to use this wiki
  • The Nanofab Wiki consists of resources to help our users work better. Here you can find MSDS sheets, information on all the tools in the lab and contact information for all our staff.
  • This wiki site has extensive safety related information on common hazards and work practices and procedures within the facility. All facility users should be familiar with the information as relates to their work.
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  • Users are encouraged to add well qualified process data to the Wiki Processes pages. The Wiki becomes more useful as more in house processes are developed and included in this database.
  • We also welcome device process flow sheets from dissertations for any device types made in the facility.

  • Since there are multiple users of the facility, with their own unique projects, the management of the facility cannot be responsible for overseeing all aspects of their work. Therefore, the supervisors of individuals using the facility, e.g., UCSB Principal Investigators and external user managers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their supervisees have the appropriate knowledge and training to work safely in the facility. They are also responsible for ensuring that all applicable regulatory requirements are met. This includes having a compliant "Chemical Hygiene Plan" per OSHA regulations. The information on this site should be considered as providing "general supporting information" to the Chemical Hygiene Plan of a particular supervisor. Supervisors can reference all or some of this site information within their Plans. UCSB EH&S can provide assistance to supervisors in preparing their Plans."

News & Annoucements

  • Files generated with Nanofab tools (SEM images, AFM profiles, etc.) are now available on the nanofab SFTP server. Please check SignupMonkey for details. (7/7/2013)
  • New Plasma-Therm Versaline DSE III DRIE etcher will be up soon!
  • May 2016 User Survey Results: Survey Results
  • The CAIBE (Oxford Ion Mill) is up and running! Contact Brian Lingg for more information. (7/2015)
For any questions, comments or concerns regarding the wiki, please contact the Wiki Admin.